I’m Jake Caputo and Crumby Pins is where I sling enamel pins by night. By day I’m a professional designer and web developer, currently the Director of Design at ActionNetwork.org. I keep a design bucket list of products and different mediums I’d like to try my hand at, and that’s how Crumby Pins was born. Enamel pin design has been on my radar for a while, so in August 2017 I dove in. By February 2018 I had 13 designs with an additional 22 variants, totaling over 1500 individual pins produced.

Aside from pins and the day job, my freelance website is DesignCrumbs.com. You can also find me doing design and lettering for comic books (this was another design bucket list item). I’ve been named Best Letterer in Reddit’s ComicBookCollabs four times.

I was also in an HBO commercial because of a stunt I pulled.

I currently live in the Chicago suburbs with my wife, two kids, and two cats.